Dungeon Protocol Clan Leadership and Rules




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Dungeon Protocol is a group of individuals who have banded together to have fun, enjoy games, help each other out, all while giving space for individual time constraints and availabilities. Our goal is to create a family atmosphere where individuals can find other like minded people to game with and to provide access to shared gaming experiences, with an eye on accomplishing group activities like; raids, nightfalls, trials, etc. As a clan we would like to see core groups develop that can then draw in and assist other individuals as we weave new members into the fabric of the Clan Banner. These are the main ideas behind Dungeon Protocols but most importantly we are just a group of relaxed lovable jackasses who enjoy playing games, chatting, and the occasional tomfoolery. We aren't a stepping stone or just a way to get your loot and leave. WE ARE FAMILY!



Executive Leadership:













Leadership by Gamertag:




     Metalhead Zed






     Mumz Opt














DPS Rules



- Must Be At Least 18 Years Old.

- Must Be Mature And Patient.

- We Allow Both Competitive And Casual Players To Join And Play

- Prefer PST time zone, but not required



1) Don’t be a jerk. If it’s NSFW, it’s not safe for the clan. Racism/Sexism will not be tolerated. Just because something isn’t offensive to you

    doesn’t mean it’s not offensive to others. Discipline will be carried out by leadership’s discretion with a “One Strike” policy.


2) If you have an issue or problem with one of your fellow clan member, try to keep it out of the public chat. Speak directly to that person or if

    you’re uncomfortable with that, take the issue to an admin or founder. If an issue is discussed with an admin, clan mates should know it will

    be treated with confidentiality


3) All members are required to be in Discord (You nickname in chat should match your Gamertag, so that people can add you to their friends

    list). This is the central way to interact with other clan mates and to get updates on what’s going on with the clan. It is accessible via mobile

    devices and via PC - therefore everyone should have a way to access it.


4) If members have prolonged periods of no participation in clan activities and/or discord chat, then clan leadership has the right to remove

    clan members, without notification. We understand that real life gets in the way sometimes and you need to take a step back from gaming/

    chat, we just ask that you communicate with the leadership and let them know that you are unable to participate in clan activities. It will help

    us understand your situation and make it so your name doesn’t end up on the boot list. We are family and we will always be here for you so

    If you have 5 minutes to stop by and say hi or that life is crazy right now but you still love us, that would help out greatly.


5) If you are accepted into the clan we ask that you only rep Dungeon Protocols and don't switch back and forth between other clans. We are

    a Destiny clan first and foremost, but we have other games we play to keep having fun and mixing things up.  If you have a game you play

    with clanmates that doesn’t have its own channel then talk to the admins and if there is enough interest we will get it set up.


6) We are a family and we try and stay involved with clan mates at all times. This means clan comes first. We have set up different ways for

    members to get together and have fun so check the general DPS chat, lfg channels, the events app, or set up your own event before going

    to an LFG site or grouping up with non clan-mates. DPS encourages play with non-clan mates but clan duties should come first.


7) We are mostly a U.S. PST time zone clan, but we have members all over the world. We ask our members that if you’re online, playing

    Destiny, and see someone asking for help in chat be a good clan mate and help if you can. Everyone has busy lives and different schedules

    but we want to make sure that we are trying to support our fellow clanmates.


8) If you volunteered or are in a raid group set for a certain time, be on Time and ready to go. If you something does come up we ask that you

    at least take a few seconds and tell the group you’re going to be late or can’t make it, so that they can start looking for a replacement.


9) No cliques/side clans in Dungeon Protocols. Regular raid groups are fine but when you exclude a clan member from a raid or other

    activities because of skill level or for some other reason then you ruin the experience for that member as a team player. We are Dungeon

    Protocols we fly the same flag, we work together to help and support each other.


10) Members are required to participate in organized clan activities weekly: these include clan night (Tuesday/Friday 8pm pst) or one of the

    other various activities throughout the week: Trials Runs on weekends, Crucible, Nightfalls etc.  Posting your own event in the app (even if

    no one joins) is considered a clan activity.







If you choose to apply to join Dungeon Protocols we will setup two play sessions

so that we can get to know you better. Then a final decision will be

made among the admin before a new member is added to the DPS family.




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