DPS Community & Clan Rules
Our Goal
To supply a fun and organized place for you to enjoy a like minded gaming experience. You should never have to game alone again. Meet people and use our various forms of open communication to organize your gaming experiences. Discipline will be carried out by leadership’s discretion with a “One Strike” policy. Don’t be a jerk.

Community Rules
Treat others with RESPECT.
  • This includes how we speak to each other in any format ( This Community Website, In Games, In Our Group Me Chat Groups, in Social Media, Our Mumble Server, and anywhere else.)
  • If its not safe for work then its not safe for any of the above mediums. We will not hesitate to remove.
  • Racist/sexual slurs will not be tolerated. Just because something isn’t offensive to you doesn’t mean it’s not offensive to others. You will be removed.
  • There is a clear set group of leadership that has over 50 years + in gaming clan/guild/professional leadership.
Clan/Guild/Community First
  • No member is above the Community. This means that decisions are made thinking about whats best for the collective community rather than small packets or single persons.
  • If you are a member of DPS you should be representing us in that game. No clan/guild juggling.
  • If you wish to rep DPS in a new game please speak to leadership.
  • This community is not a group finder only. We are looking for like minded gamers who wish to have the time to actual work together to accomplish great things. If you are using this guild as just a group finder it will be noticed. Removal will ensue if abuse continues.
Communication is the key to a successful community.
  • If you see someone asking for help try and help. Pay it forward if you have the time.
  • If you volunteered or are in a group set for a certain time, Be On Time and ready to go. If you can’t – take a few seconds and tell the group you’re gonna be late or can’t go so they can start looking for a replacement. Sometimes stuff happens, but constant no-shows won’t be tolerated.
  • Try to be visible with invites to raids. If you ask for help, make sure you’re showing in ONLINE mode (Xbox One). If set raid teams are looking for alts – post in main chat for everyone to have an opportunity to join. This helps people not feel secluded and alleviates a “clique” environment.
  • If prolonged periods of no participation in DPS activities, then clan leadership has the right to remove members. We understand that real life comes in the way and communication should be sent to officers if you are unable to participate on a reasonable basis.
  • If you have an issue or problem with someone, try to keep it out of public chat. Speak directly to that person or if you’re uncomfortable with that, take the issue to leadership.
  • Members that aren’t comfortable talking to someone about an issue can also email the clan.
  • If an issue is discussed with an admin, clan mates should know it will be treated with confidentiality.
Group Me Clan Chats
  • All members are required to be in GroupMe. It is accessible via mobile devices and a PC – therefore everyone should have a way to access it. This is the central way to interact with other clan members. If you currently are not in our respected PS4, Xbox ONE or PC chats please contact leadership. This is the central way to interact with other clan mates because there is no in-game clan support for communications.
  • General Rule for Main Chat: if it’s NSFW, it’s not safe for clan.
  • Do not invite anyone to groups. Only admins should be doing so.