About DPS

If you’re wondering what we’re about, look no further than this page your mouse clicked upon. Dungeon Protocols isn’t fancy. We’re also not schedulers of tee times. People have often found that our rudest trait and after years of therapy we’ve become alright with that. Some of our members would go so far to say that knowing the lyrics of songstress Miley Ray Cyrus is a requirement for entry. Others would tell you a lust for life and tacos. We’re diverse and with that diversity comes our Syndicate’s main credo: Don’t be a jerk. We don’t exclude membership based on gender, race, sexual orientation or any other thing like that. We exclude jerks. This syndicate excels at not being a safe haven but remain respectful of our members. We also don’t instill fear upon our members in a hope for conformity. We expect differences. These differences are what have helped made us the group we are today.

Through out the years, our syndicate has had many different names. The name we settled on was a last minute, eleventh hour agreement made in a La Quinta Inn & Suites. It was a seedy location and many tiny plastic bottles of liquor were consumed during the Great Name Debate of 2014. It’s also very likely that there was a man in the next room in a bathtub filled with ice, missing his right kidney. We can only guess based off the police reports from the next day and poor reporting from the local newspaper staff. In the end, this syndicate and website, were created because friends enjoy playing video games together. We weren’t created for any other reason but that. After a hard day and all the chores one has to deal with we like to think of this as our second home. A mini-vacation from the monotony, if you will. Real life is dreadful, gaming with your friends though is way better.

If you’re looking for a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing some of the popular titles you enjoy, look no further. If you’re looking for a group of White Knights to angrily in a prepubescent voice defend the flaws of a game, look elsewhere. If you enjoy a group that is honest and fair with it’s members, we may very well be a home for you. Dungeon Protocols is a gaming syndicate that continues to be concerned about one thing and one thing only: Gaming.